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General X-Ray

X-rays are used to help investigate, and diagnose, disease and medical conditions by producing two-dimensional images of bones and internal organs.


Information about bones, soft tissue and air in the body (ie. lungs, bowel gas etc) can be deduced using x-ray technology.

X-Ray Preparation

When attending your appointment, please bring your referral from your medical practitioner, Medicare card and all other relevant health care cards, and any existing films or reports relating to the region being scanned. To allow adequate time to conduct the procedure, please ensure you arrive on time for your scheduled appointment.

At Marina, appointments for x-rays are not required, but if you have a preferred time you would like to attend for your scan, making an appointment is advisable. Whilst no preparation is necessary for x-rays, metallic objects interfere with x-ray images thus it is advisable to wear light, comfortable clothing with no metal (eg. hooks, clips, zips, buttons etc) around the area to be scanned. Alternatively, our friendly staff are happy to supply you with a disposable gown should this be an issue. Similarly, all metal-containing accessories will need to be removed such as jewellery, watches, hair clips etc.

Please ensure you inform our staff if you are, or could potentially be, pregnant.


All x-rays are performed by one of our experienced, nationally accredited radiographers.

The duration of the scan varies depending on the body region being investigated which, on average, will take 3-10 minutes. The radiographer will ask you to lie or stand during the scan and may manoeuver your position to obtain optimal images. It is important that you remain as still as possible throughout the scan to achieve the best results. You may also be asked to hold your breath for a short time while the scan is taking place.


Your referring practitioner will receive the images from the scan immediately via our online portal. Once one of our specialist doctors (radiologist) has reviewed and assessed your scan, the report will be sent to your practitioner either electronically, or by fax.

Following your scan, Marina strongly advises that you return to your physician to discuss your results and subsequent treatment.

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