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Dental X-Ray (OPG)

OPG is the acronym used for Orthopantomogram; a form of dental x-ray which captures panoramic images of the teeth, gums and bones of the jaw. To achieve the panoramic view of your jaw, the OPG machine rotates around your head, taking less than 10 seconds in total.

Dental X-Ray Preparation

When attending your scan, please bring your referral from your medical practitioner, Medicare card and all other relevant health care cards, and any existing films or reports relating to your jaw and teeth.

No appointment is necessary for an OPG at Marina, but should you have a preferred time to attend, an appointment would be beneficial.

No other preparation is required for an OPG. You may however be asked by your radiographer to remove any metallic objects (earrings, hair clips, necklaces etc) near your head and neck to avoid interference with the scan. It is therefore advisable to leave any such items at home.


OPG’s are quick examinations and typically take only 5 minutes in total.

To help position your head correctly and minimise movement during the scan, you will be asked to place your chin on a chin rest, bite down on a sterile mouth piece, and hold onto a pair of handles. Your radiographer will then ask you to remain as still as possible and will initiate the scan. You will then see the machine rotate around your head however it will not make contact with you.


Your referring practitioner will be able to access the images from the scan immediately via our online portal. Once one of our specialist doctors (radiologist) has reviewed and assessed your scan, the report will also be sent to your practitioner either electronically, or by fax.

Following your scan, Marina strongly advises that you return to your dental professional to discuss your results and subsequent treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Are OPG’s painful?
No, X-Rays cannot be felt and the machine will not come into contact with you during the scan.
2How much radiation will I be exposed to?
Every X-Ray, OPG and CT machine at Marina is fitted with advanced low dose technology which minimises the radiation dose of every scan for every patient. Additionally, Marina is known and acknowledged for fostering a strong low dose culture thereby further reducing exposure levels.
3Can I still have an OPG if I’m pregnant?
Unborn babies are more sensitive to the risks associated with x-rays. It is therefore important that you inform our staff and your doctor if you are, or may be pregnant prior to your x-ray.
4Am I allowed to accompany my child inside the x-ray room?
If your assistance is required to help calm or keep your child still, we will supply you with a lead gown so you can accompany them during the procedure. However, in cases where you are pregnant or have other young children with you, you are asked to please bring an additional adult with you to assist. Unborn babies and young children are more susceptible to the effects of x-rays thus Marina mandates avoiding any unnecessary exposure.
5Will the radiographer inform me of my results?
You will receive all findings from your scan from your referring practitioner. The responsibility of the radiographer is to perform and produce high quality images for the radiologist to interpret.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 0 XRAYS

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