Nationally recognized and Accredited by NATA, Marina Radiology is a patient focused Radiology company providing a full suite of services including General X-ray, Dental X-ray, CT, Ultrasound, intervention procedures and MRI.

Our top of the range GE MRI scanner can provide all MRI examinations with highly qualified Technicians and Radiologists. Examinations include sports injury, work injuries and all other body parts including spine, brain, pelvic etc.

Our multi-slice CT scanners, known to some as Catscans, provide excellent and top quality images with minimum radiation levels. Our efficient staff will ensure examination times are as short as possible reducing concerns of claustrophobia.

Our highly qualified Sonographers (Female and Male) provide a comprehensive range of ultrasound examinations to address your specific requirements.

General X-ray
Our highly skilled and dedicated staff can attend to all your x-ray needs with the most up to date equipment and friendly approach. This ensures your experience with us is a pleasant one.

Dental Xray
Our advanced equipment provides excellent images for all digital dental radiology needs. This enables your dentist to make the right assessment of your dental needs, ensuring the most suitable treatment.

Our highly qualified echocardiologist can provide ultrasound of your heart. This service is provided at our major sites.

Interventions include
  • Joint injections (cortisone)
  • Biopsies & aspirations
  • Back pain injections (facet joint injections)

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